Georgia has approximately 460 high schools with a boys or girls tennis program, while approximately 100 junior high and middle schools have tennis programs.

Many high school tennis coaches are math teachers who don’t play tennis, volleyball or basketball coaches who were recruited to coach tennis during the offseason, volunteer parents, or tennis pros who coach high school teams on the side. Many of the state’s high school tennis coaches are seasoned veterans who have coached for more than a decade and have won multiple conference or state championships.

The Georgia High School Tennis Association was founded by in 2020 to help foster communication among and increase the knowledge of Georgia’s high school tennis coaches (as well as any junior high school and middle school coaches who wish to participate).

The GHSTCA also aims to improve the quality of coaching, raise the level of tennis competition and improve the enjoyment of junior, middle and high school tennis by the student-athletes who participate in the sport

The board of directors include:

Nicole “Nickey” Ice, President – Wheeler High School

Trish McDonald, First Vice President, Union Grove High School

Tim Rose, Treasurer, Campbell High School

Lance Davenport, Secretary, Southwest DeKalb High School

Steve Milano, Board Member-at-Large, U.S. High School Tennis Association

If you would like to help start or serve on a committee (e.g. rules, annual conference, fundraising, publicity, membership, grievances, awards) please contact the GHSTCA at [email protected].

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